Old Fashioned Cheese

Convenient and Cost Effective

Products and Packaging Designed Specifically for Food Service

Old Fashioned Food Service products and packaging options offer food service distributors and operators both portion control and bulk options. Both options offer a wide variety of off the shelf and custom-formulated or sourced products.

Portion Cups

Perfect for condiments and components

Our individual serving cups can be filled with any of our full line of delicious cheese-based sauces or dips, salsas, chip dips, toppers or sauces. They’re the small cups with the big Old Fashioned taste.

1oz. Portion Control Pouches

Safe, sanitary and cost effective

If you can put it in a pouch, we can pack it! From cheese to condiments to peanut butter to salad dressing, Old Fashioned shelf-stable pouches are the ultimate in portability, convenience and portion control.

6# Bulk Cheese Sauce

Long on taste…and shelf life!

Available in Aged Cheddar Cheese or Nacho Cheese, 5.75 pound cheese sauce pails are plastic re-sealable/reusable, tamper proof, needs no refrigeration before opening and has a full one year shelf life.

10# Bulk Cheese Spreads

Our classic cheese spreads in bulk

Our signature cold pack cheeses are our bulk customers “secret ingredients” for a wide variety of retail, deli and food service products. These smooth, creamy and flavorful spreadable cheeses are available in all thirteen of our popular flavors, giving our customers a head start on creating their unique offerings.

3.2 to 5.5 oz. Foil Pouches

Flexible products, flexible packaging

We can package a wide variety of off-the-shelf and custom formula sauce products in 3.2 to 5.5 foil pouches. Ideal for ingredients, sauces, condiments or meal components.

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