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Meeting and Exceeding Expectations

We recognize that the quality and taste of our products must meet or exceed that of the national brands and that our customers must have the confidence that we will deliver on time and on budget. As a privately-owned company, Old Fashioned Cheese is big enough to perform the strictest requirements of customers yet small enough to allow for greater flexibility, responsiveness and innovation than larger private label companies.

Choose from Multiple “Ready-for-Your-Label” Product Lines…or We’ll Make One Just for You.

We have a wide and popular variety of product solutions that compete effectively with the national brands. We also have the capability to modify and customize products to fit into any gaps in your product offerings or that can add new excitement to your lineup.

Our private label partners have come to trust Old Fashioned Cheese for great tasting private label cheese snack, dip, sauce and spread solutions. Our decades of retail cheese experience and expertise alongside our in-depth understanding of the demands of private label marketers makes us ideal partners to build your private label portfolio.

Great tasting product, consistent product quality, competitive pricing, reliable delivery and trusted product safety all combine to make Old Fashioned Cheese your preferred private label partner. We’re anxious to work with you to build your business.

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Contract Manufacturing

If you need a reliable and consistent cheese manufacturing resource, give Old Fashioned Cheese the chance to earn your business. Whether new product(s) to expand your brand profile or looking for a resource, Mayville can be the partner you need.

Old Fashioned Cheese has been partnering with some of the country’s largest and most sophisticated manufacturers and marketers and we look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Customized Products

If one of our many off-the-shelf products isn’t quite right, let our talented and innovative in-house R&D team work with you to formulate the perfect solution.

Our decades long expertise in blending and flavoring cheese formulas, together with our ability to produce them with consistent flavor and texture can be just what’s needed for your next big product breakthrough.


Old Fashioned Cheese is dedicated to delivering unique, great-tasting, high-quality cheese dips, snacks and sauces for our private label partners.

Quality And Food Safety

Our lineup of great tasting shelf-stable cheese sauces and cheese dips consistently exceeds other products, as measured by consumer preference testing. This consistent quality, competitive pricing and reliable delivery creates a shelf-stable private label cheese line that takes money away from the national brands and puts it in your pocket.

Our modern, well-equipped and maintained production facilities assure consistent product quality and stringent product and safety standards.

• USDA approved facility

• SQF certified

• EU certified

• HAACP programs

• FDA, WDA registered

• In-House lab

• In-House R&D team

Marketplace Innovation

We are committed to on-going innovation and are responsive to marketplace needs and trends; building strong partnerships with our customers and to helping them build loyalty with their consumers. Our new ideas and rapid product development will give you a competitive edge and keep you one step ahead of the national brands.

Innovative Packaging

“Thinking outside the box” has led Old Fashioned Cheese to packaging innovations including our successful Aerosol Cheese and Inverted Squeeze Cheese products. We welcome the opportunity to work with our customers to develop new to market packaging concepts that will drive their businesses forward.

Customized Formulation Development

Our expertise in formulating shelf-stable pasteurized cheese products can be especially important in developing new products, utilizing new cheese varieties, and creating new, more innovative flavor profiles.

New Product Development

The Old Fashioned Cheese R & D, Test Lab and Marketing Teams are available to co-develop new product innovation.

Whether simple line extensions to more interruptive “New-to -the-World” ideas, our talented and experienced staff is always highly motivated to develop “What’s New” products.

Responsiveness & Accountability

We are customer-focused, flexible, responsive and easy to work with. We are a safe and reliable partner. No corporate monolith here, just a hard-working family of Midwesterners dedicated to earning your business each and every day.

Every person in our company takes ownership of his or her role and accepts accountability to meet or exceed your expectations.

We can't wait to hear from you.

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