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New Gourmet Flavors and Specialty Cheese Blends

Old Fashioned Cheese has taken the proven popularity of traditional “cold-pack” cheese spreads to a whole new level…New Old Fashioned “Gourmet” Spreads.

Unique Gourmet Flavors

This new line-up features new interpretations of classic favorites and brand new, on-trend artisan cheese blends and flavors. We’ve gone beyond the traditional cheddars and added Gouda and Asiago, zipped things up with Buffalo Wing and Habanero and even offer flavors with your favorite Wine and Spirits.

Treat your guests to something new and delicious…treat yourself to an anytime indulgence.

New Gourmet Cheese Spreads are now available in the following taste-tempting varieties: Cranberry Vodka Cheddar, Bacon Horseradish Cheddar, Tequila Chipotle Pepper Jack, Rum Raisin Cheddar, Chianti Aged Provolone, Smokey Bourbon Gouda, Hot Buffalo Jack & Bleu, Chocolate Hazelnut Cheddar, Aged Chunky Bleu, Aged Asiago, Habanero Monterey Jack, Garlic & Herb Cheddar, Aged Cheddar, Craft Beer Aged Cheddar.

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